13 stunning pictures of volcanoes from space

Their imposing silhouettes represent the landscape landscape. Cone-shaped mountains with sometimes snow-capped peaks and volcanoes are easily recognizable from space. In a new video, the ESA presents 13 of the most famous volcanoes seen by satellites’ piercing eyes.

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Today, among all the applications to which they are dedicated, satellites orbiting 800 kilometers above the Earth have become indispensable for monitoring and better understanding the activity of volcanoes. This video was produced byESAESA (European Space Agency), which consists of 13 volcanoes viewed from unusual angles.

Thirteen volcanoes seen from space. © ESA

Some iconic volcanoes appear, such as Anak Krakatoa in Indonesia, Mount Fuji in Japan, Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the dangerous Mount Saint Helens in the United States or Vesuvius in Italy.

Analysis of satellite data collected in real-time allows us to follow the evolution of volcanic flows, such as the eruption of Cambrai Vieja (Canary Islands) or Fakradalsfjall (Iceland), and anticipate their spread.

Eyes that see through plants and clouds

Many parameters can be monitored this way: output HeatHeat, problemproblem Gray and gasgasChange BodyBody Surface… Radars on satellites make it possible to “see” through vegetation or clouds, making it easy to track the physical evolution of eruptions or volcanic edifice over time.

One of the highest volcanoes in the world (4,750 meters) on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia or the astonishing Mount Taranaki in New Zealand, surrounded by its Edmond National Park, which forms a green disc around him. Mount Mayon in the Philippines exhibits its impressive asymmetry ConeCone Correct.

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