6-digit text message scam again on WhatsApp! Beware of this big scam

With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is often targeted by cybercriminals. Scammers use this messaging system to set up scams to steal personal data, hack devices, or extort money. Now, the “six-figure text message” scam, a well-known tactic to steal your account, is resurfacing. This technique is still as effective as ever.

WhatsApp Scam: Get Verification Code

It starts with a message sent by one of your contacts on WhatsApp. This is a real contact communicating through their real account, not a fake one. There is no reason to be suspicious, especially since the conversation begins in a completely normal way. However, during the chat, an eight-digit code will be displayed on your device. Your friend says he sent you a code by mistake and asks you to send it to him. This should not be done because this code is actually an identification number that allows you to access your account.

In fact, every time you set up WhatsApp on a new device, the instant messenger sends you a one-time six-digit code. You must enter this code into the app to identify yourself to the device in question. If you send this code to this friend, WhatsApp will think that they are trying to log into your account legitimately from a new smartphone. A fraudster who collects this verification code can now access your WhatsApp account – and all related information – and impersonate you to get money from them via Paypal links, spoofing your real contacts.

If you find yourself in this situation, immediately end the discussion and tell the person concerned that they have been hacked – by phone or SMS, of course, not by WhatsApp!

To avoid being cheated, go to Settings and turn on two-factor authentication, then “Account”, then “Two-step verification” and finally “Enable”. This adds an extra layer of security. If you have the slightest doubt about a request sent by one of your contacts, call them to make sure it’s coming from them. Under no circumstances should you share your account activation code – the popular six-digit code. Finally, report spam messages and block their sender. To do this, hold the message bubble, select “Report” and follow the instructions that appear.

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