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A calf with spots in the shape of a smiley that was adopted as a pet

The animal was born this week on a farm in the south of the country in the Melbourne area. Her dress is made up of patches in the shape of a smile.

Something to smile about. The Victorian Farmers’ Union reported Thursday that in Australia, a calf was adopted as a pet after farmers spotted a grin-like face on its coat, an unusual feature.

“I couldn’t believe it”

This little animal, of the Holstein breed, was born this week at a farm of about 700 animals located in the south of the country, east of Melbourne.

A few days after his birth, his owners, Megan and Barry Coster, accidentally noticed that the calf had a peculiarity: in the middle of the white hair, four black dots stand out, forming two eyes, a nose and a smile.

‘I couldn’t believe it,’ said the farmer, who told the Australian channel’s antenna. ABC Send a picture to his wife right away.

“We’ve seen the number 7 before, heart-shaped markings on the head or some other weird marking, but we’ve never seen anything like a smile before,” says Megan Koster.

Nicknamed “Happy”

Shortly after this discovery, the couple chose to name the calf “Saeed” (Happy), a reference to the smile that never leaves her dress.

If farm calves were usually used as dairy cows, the “happy” youngsters would know another fate. Thanks to its amazing locations, it will become a favorite of its owners.

“Many of our employees are also willing to take him in as a pet and as a lawn mower in their garden,” adds Barry Koster.

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