A caravan to extend the range of your EV

If the autonomy of an electric car is already a problem for “normal” drivers, it is even more so for those who are used to spending their holidays in a caravan. American brand Colorado Teardrops knows this and envisioned a caravan whose impact on autonomy is positive.

Even if we stick to the general idea of ​​an electric car, The approach of holidays systematically raises the question of the ability to travel far. It’s even more so for countless French camping enthusiasts. For them, it’s all about the search An electric car with adequate towing capacity, and it still has decent autonomy if a caravan needs to be towed. Unless the trailer in question is Colorado Teardrops…


Founded in 2014, American company Colorado Teardrops specializes in manufacturing lightweight mini-caravans. The two latest models, EC2 and EC4, feature batteries equipped with 19, 29 or 38 kWh capacities. It is basically present in various range of plug-in hybrid cars. The company notes that it chose lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, which are less expensive than the lithium-ion used in automobiles and, above all, less prone to fires. Having such massive batteries serves two purposes. First, it provides a Greater freedom of travel, since the caravan can stay in nature for a long time without power. So campers can use lights and small electrical appliances for several days. But above all, with the right connections, the Caravan can run an electric car, thus increasing its autonomy. Not only that.

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Home battery

Car Colorado Teardrops also explains that its electric caravans are not reserved for people who use electric cars. Unlike other caravans, they are useful all year round. In fact, so can batteries housed in an aluminum chassis Act as household batteries. So they will be able to store the energy produced by solar panels during the day and use this energy at home at night. It’s enough to make huge savings on electricity bills and double the profits of buying a caravan.

In the US, Colorado Teardrops “electric” caravans start at $44,000, or around €40,000. Unfortunately, we don’t know about importing to Europe. And for those looking to import in person, beware! Since North America “runs” on 110V, a 220V conversion should be considered.

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