A Fun Day in France by Sam Altman, the father of ChadGBT

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Exclusive. Secret lunches, car trips, feedback on research… “Le Point” follows the co-creator of Open AI throughout his marathon day in Paris. narrative.

By Guillaume Grallet, Heloise Pons

Sam Altman lunched on the roof of Publicis headquarters on the Champs-Élysées on May 26.

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KWho can stop Sam Altman, co-creator and head of OpenAI, creator of the chatbot ChatGPT? On May 16, Sam Altman launched “OpenAI’s World Tour” after a delicate discussion of the framework for building artificial intelligence at the US Congress in Washington. OpenAI? On November 30, 2022, a Californian company that caused an earthquake will make a conversational robot available to the entire planet for free, recording less than thirty seconds to advise you on the perfect recipe for a meal that’s still available. Create a website from a sketch on your fridge, a notepad, or create wedding vows. And here…

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