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A message from Messi to Aguero on the occasion of his retirement: “I love you so much, my friend, I will miss you so much” | La Liga

Sergio Aguero announced, on Wednesday, his decision to quit football for health reasons, after 43 days of chest pain he felt during a match with FC Barcelona, ​​which ended up with an irregular heartbeat that requires complete rest.

Through tears, Kuhn said goodbye to the courts and now, after seeing the message of his dear friend Lionel Messi, he has certainly cried again.

A long message, full of passion and complicity, dedicated the X from Argentina: “Practically a whole career together, Kun … we had very beautiful moments and others that were not, they all made us unite more and become more friends,” he said in a post with pictures of both, almost Since they were kids on his team “we will continue to live together off the field.”

“With the great joy of lifting the America’s Cup just a little while ago, with all the accomplishments you’ve had in England… The truth is that now it hurts to see how you have to stop doing what you like most because of what happened to you. You will surely continue to be happy because you are someone who transmits happiness and who The loves of us will be with you. Now a new phase of your life begins and I am convinced that you will live it with a smile and with all the illusion that you hold on to everything.”

What will not happen is the end of Messi and Aguero’s relationship. It did not happen even when Kun Said arrived at FC Barcelona and could not play with the left-handed, who had to leave the club all his life, crying too. It will not happen now: “All the best in this new stage!!! I love you, great friend, I will miss a lot to be with you on the pitch and when we meet with the national team”, concluded Messi.

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