A mind-blowing alliance of art and science

The advent of the Internet has opened up a whole universe of wonderful audiovisual worlds, easy to access and easy to share. This has allowed a whole new generation of artists to run on social networks and have their creations accessible to everyone throughout their day. Among them, some choose to associate intriguing events with their works.

Neither chemistry nor physics is limited to boring practical work or purely utilitarian applications, some enthusiasts are able to enliven the interest of the great public in these fields through various visual and audio experiences. These take many forms, from the more descriptive and witty to the more abstract and emotional.

A holistic artistic approach

Polish artist Kamil Sabika created this project in 2019 CosmopolitanismHe defines “interdisciplinary” and “ The experiment revolves around audiovisual works and performances “. To experiment, Artist, has been an illustrator and tattoo artist for nearly ten years and is not short on imagination! Starting with old microscopes and household liquids, he now uses all sorts of incredible ingredients and materials, and comes up with his own soundtrack for each reaction.

Cosmodernism – A patchwork composition made up of several short visual stories from Moments Volume 1. © Cosmomodernism

The artist’s goal is to express the joy of creation. Naive and careless » works-experiments whose results he simply wants to appreciate. But if he claims to have very little scientific knowledge and plays with it, there is a lot to explain.

The one who revives everyone’s wonder

One of the most impressive and fascinating items that appear in the program cosmic modernity, and elsewhere on the Internet, a ferrofluid is a liquid containing tiny ferromagnetic elements of microscopic size (about tens of nanometers). These provide an unusual ability to deform according to a magnetic field, thus making visible this normally invisible phenomenon.

Initiatives like this unusual and widely disseminated art project, especially on the Internet, undoubtedly keep the public’s flame alive for science and its wonders, and never fail to inspire industries.

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