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A missing man was found dead inside crocodiles in Australia


An Australian man who went missing while hunting with his friends has been found dead inside two crocodiles.

The police are talking about a “tragic end”. The remains of a man who went missing last Saturday were found inside two crocodiles in Australia. the “ Sydney Morning Herald » Reporting to Kevin Darmody disappeared while in Rinero (Lakefield) National Park, about 300 kilometers from Cairns. He was hunting with some friends when someone heard a loud noise. The latter soon thought of an attack by a crocodile, which was confirmed a few days later by the sad discovery. “Information provided to the Department of Environment and Science by a friend of the missing man who was nearby indicated that the man was fishing on the banks of the Kennedy River when there were splashing sounds and they disappeared,” the ministry said in a statement. .

Alligators are captured and euthanized

Before the victim’s body was found, the authorities launched a massive search. It was on Tuesday that two large alligators were captured before being euthanized. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the remains Kevin Darmody was inside the two beasts. “Police believe the remains belong to the missing 65-year-old man, pending an official identification process,” the authorities said. According to the first examinations, the crocodiles were 4.1 meters long and 2.8 meters long. It is found upstream where Kevin Darmody was last seen.

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Roads to the Kennedy Bend section of Rinyirru National Park have been closed. Last April, a man was actually maimed in Australia by a 4.5-meter crocodile in Cooktown while he was spearfishing. The 44-year-old managed to escape the jaws of the animal by punching the crocodile in the eye.

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