“A real estate network that offers the advantages of large owners”

Founded in 1985 and launched as a franchise in 2012, the La Résidence network has a new company under brand license in Montigny-le-Bretonneux (Yvelines).


A more human, modern, agile network of real estate agencies.

Enter our exclusive ecosystem dedicated to real estate: a complete range of products and services built to work together. We designed it to be the foundation and springboard for your agency. Accept the trademark license […]

New Law Residence licensee, Jean-Yves Zeta, talks about his career in real estate and his choice to network:

Hello Jean-Yves, can you tell us about your career as a real estate agent?

At the age of 40, I told myself that I would change careers. Also, in 2006, after being an executive in a large American company, I decided to start a real estate company. I first followed a six-month internship in an existing agency to verify the selection of this renovation, then I got my real estate agent card and built my business in Montichon. -Le-Bretonneux.

At that time, I started an existing network to take advantage of a joint advantage. The brand is positioned at low prices with a strategy of charging low commissions to its customers. After 5 years, I wanted to review this positioning with aggressive marketing policy.

I set a new, high-quality approach by joining another real estate network that I stayed with for almost 10 years. Later, I wanted to join another franchise. I was already chosen by several brands, but finally La Residence Immobilier convinced me and I joined a few months ago.

Today, I work with two of my family members and spend six months of the year in Madagascar. There are seven of us in the agency, and with La Residence Immobilier, I think I hold all the cards to make sure the succession is confirmed.

Why did you choose to incorporate your agency under the colors of La Residence Immobilier?

ATAfter 17 years as the head of a branded agency, I firmly believe in the virtues of networks. In my opinion this is a great way to not have to do everything alone. We press a button and we have all the necessary solutions immediately.

In addition to offering the most favorable royalty terms, La Résidence offers a complete toolbox to meet all the needs of our business. Then, it’s a network that matches my values. A very family feel, a modern network, with an ethical business concept and a taste for innovation.

Through La Residency, we benefit from close proximity to the network’s president and directors of member agencies. It’s a challenging network that keeps the human dimension far removed from the heaviness and constraints of large mastodon structures.

Finally, in addition to everything placed in digital, I also appreciate the unique competitive advantages we have, such as the communication agency and training center integrated into the La Residence network.

If, like Jean-Yves, you are passionate about real estate, join the La Residence network.

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