A salary of 200,000 euros a year, he explains

According to HLN, Rachid Madron earned a total of 243,275 Euros in 2022. So the highest paid political figure in Belgium is the Speaker of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region. On that day BL RTL, Mathrain responded to this information, which was confirmed by the transparency cell of the Brussels Parliament. “Yes, but everything including the tax free part is 28%”. He explains. “This 28%, we touch them, but we retreat to the party, we pay taxes … In the end, what remains is not this amount. We are talking about the total amount, which is still important,” he added.

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Madrane is better paid than Alexandre de Groove, who earns a whopping €240,000 a year. “There is probably a problem with the payroll. […] It is normal for the legislature to be at least 1 euro more than the chief executive,” he reasons. And to continue: “That is what we want in all congregations. If we go to that, I’m totally in favor. In a democracy, the Legislature controls the executive, the politician said, “and there is no other way around it.”

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