A subtle innovation that makes it easy to find your best photos

Google Photos is experimenting with better search that can understand better and more complex queries (especially with qualified adjectives).

Google Photos

Google Photos has a lot of strengths to its credit. Among them, we can adore its very practical search bar. type” SunsetTo find your photos related to this request. The app has already shown itself to be very intelligent. But now the stage is set for it to become even more.

Google Photos and Natural Language

As explained 9to5Google Some Internet users visiting Google Photos from a web browser see a “” message inviting them to test. More powerful search“. The announcement gives some examples of the experiment, such as “colorful sunset” or “quiet garden”. In other words, the people concerned are not only looking for a specific element in their photos, but can add a qualified adjective – however subjective – to refine their request by adding more nuances or nuances.

All of this suggests that Google Photos will understand natural language a bit more. Also, if you’ve identified relatives in the application – you can easily find their photos by typing in their name – and you’ll get a boost in this process. For example, instead of writing “Jean-Claude”, you could write “Jean-Claude at the Eiffel Tower” or “Jean-Claude at the Beach”.

9to5Google Tested the query “colorful sunset” on the web version of Google Photos. As can be seen in the screenshot below, the platform provides results sorted by relevance rather than the usual chronological order. Note that US media did not return any results by searching for the same in the Android app.

Google Photos Sorts Images by Relevance with Complex Search // Source: 9to5Google

A simple test for now

On our side, atFrandroidComplex queries continue to fail on the web and mobile apps, and Google Photos teams are currently running simple tests to gather feedback before general deployment.

A spokesperson also explains9to5Googlethan Google Photos”It’s always experimenting with new ways to help people discover and relive their photos and videos. This experience allows users to perform more complex searches to help them easily find the photos and videos they’re looking for.“. We may find out more at the start of Google I / O, scheduled for May 10.

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