A total of 497 requests were made by Moroccans at the end of March

Moroccan nationals entering the Schengen area via Turkey are applying for asylum in Switzerland. Statistics from the State Secretariat for Migration show that 497 people applied for asylum between January and March last year. (SEM) Reported by International Press.

Knowing that Switzerland has seen an explosion in asylum applications in its region, an increase of 12.6% in March compared to February, the increase in applications from Moroccans is particularly evident, according to the same source, in 2022, an average of 44 asylum applications were made per month, compared to 166 applications in March of the current year.

Morocco is now the 4th largest asylum seeker in Switzerland after Turkey. (371 requests)Afghanistan (368 requests)Eritrea (198 requests)A total of 108 requests, followed by Algeria. SchengenVisaInfo.com reports reports.

Additionally, SEM data reveals that out of a total of 1,893 requests submitted in March, 1,429 were primary requests. Morocco is among the main countries where primary applications appeared in March 2023 with 165 applications.

In addition, SEM reported that a total of 2,307 asylum applications were considered in the last month, of which 662 were rejected, 542 were granted asylum, and 690 were provisionally accepted under first-level treatment.

During the same period, 1,531 people, including Moroccans, left Switzerland or returned to their home country or a third country, while 2,215 received protection status in federal asylum centers. On the other hand, 50 people seeking protection were denied this status because they did not meet the criteria set by the country.

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