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Adamari López, former Tony Costa already has a girlfriend and he is a tiktoker

Ago Actress and host Puerto Rico Adamari Lopez He announces his separation from the Spanish dancer Tony CostaThe rumors were immediate, especially now that he already had a girlfriend, a young and curvy Tictoker.

After 10 years of a relationship and what seemed to be the love of their lives, the couple shared at the beginning of the year that they had finally broken up.

This brought about a powerful and significant change for Adamari Lopez who week after week has been surprising everyone with her physical change, above all she has more confidence and looks better than ever.

Six months have passed since the host of the show New Day ended her affair with Tony, in this period apparently, her ex-boyfriend has found love again, and she is said to be a young tiktoker often called “La Picota”.

According to Gossip No Like, hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristin, they found out that Tony Costa was dating Evelyn Beltran who apparently once rumors started about her affair with the dancer, decided to put all of her social networks into a private mode.

Adamari López, former Tony Costa already has a girlfriend and he is a tiktoker | Instagram @adamarilopez

It seems that she currently only has 44.5K followers on her Instagram account where the only photo seen is on her profile where she is wearing a short long-sleeved dress and sports bracelet.

This curvy girl has white skin and specifically with noticeable curves, which is definitely why Tony Costa immediately fell in love, which she follows in her networks according to the program and loves her posts.

According to Gossip No Like, Evelyn is the mother of a four-year-old, who is younger than Alaia Costa López, daughter of Adamari López and Toni Costa.

At the moment, these are just rumors, they have not been seen together, the only thing that is known is that they have some exchanges on social networks.

As for the beautiful Adamari Lopez, she can also fall in love with a famous actor, we are talking about Cristian de la Fuente, with whom she was seen closely during the Así se Baila program where they both serve as judges.

For fans of the beautiful Humacao-born actress, seeing her Puerto Ricans in love again would be something even more exciting, because she definitely deserves it and more than anything else.

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