After 28 years, Microsoft is changing the function of the “Print” key. screen”

Microsoft has changed the function of the print key on the keyboard. Until now, it allowed taking a screenshot, but now it’s getting functionality.

In Windows, taking a screenshot has long been associated with the print key. Print screen “. It’s faster, faster than macOS where various combinations are available as shortcuts.

With the launch of Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft changed the way users create screenshots. The print key takes the available grip on the clipboard. On the other hand, there is also a combination of Windows + Shift + S keys, which allows you to open a tool. As explained in this article, the tool Screenshot Very complete in functions.

The key has not changed function for 28 years

The latest Windows 11 KB5025310 has been released on the Windows Insiders beta channel, and the functionality “Print. The blog reports that the screen” has been replaced windowslatest. Instead of taking a screenshot of the entire window, pressing the Print key now opens the tool Screenshot (snipping tool), which was previously only accessible via a key combination.

While you await the arrival of this version on all computers, know that you can go back. For curators who do not want to use this tool, they can disable the opening of the tool in the Settings section. Input aids and keyboard.

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