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Almost dried! Checo Pérez was unable to drink water at the US Grand Prix.

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On lap 28 of United States Grand Prix mexican pilot Sergio Perez suffered in Inability to drink water, since the hydration system has failed, a situation he reported to his team over the radio.

My water system is not workingIt was the message that the man sent from Guadalajara while he was completing it Lap 28 at 56 He agreed on Sunday, in a race in which Checo has from the start remained in third place.

Although the temperature 28°C that was recorded this Sunday during the race was good for the pilots, it is important that Stay hydrated Since they got through the profession Lose up to 1500 calories.

Water ran out! I couldn’t drink anything, it got too hard! I was losing my strength towards the end,” he pointed to the cameras Formula 1 After crossing the finish line in third place.

Inside the car and with the suit they are wearing they can access Temperatures up to 50 degrees percentile within two hours or until the grand prize lasts.

According to the portal post F1 BrazilMotorsport specialist The pilot drinks up to a liter and a half of water NS Avoid dehydration. They can also carry a liquid solution containing glucose, vitamins, and minerals.

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