American football is knocking on the door

– Posted on April 29, 2021

Los Angeles 2028

American football at Los Angeles 2028 games? The project is in the air. According to Reuters, the powerful American professional league, the NFL, unreservedly supports the candidacy of “flag football” as an additional sport in the 2028 Summer Games. A much lighter version of American football played by teams of 5 players without contact, the discipline is in the plans for the next edition of the World Games scheduled for 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama. But the NFL wants more and is now looking at LA 2028. The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) will officially present its plan to the IOC. But, behind the scenes, the lobbying is provided by the NFL. Tamani Leach, his director of operations at NFL International, explained that Reuters : ” We very clearly support IFAF and USA Soccer in their efforts to make flag football an Olympic sport. IFAF will pilot this project. But we want to help them, especially in terms of influence, strategy and mobilization. IFAF currently has 72 member countries, two-thirds of which have national leagues. The US dominates the world rankings in all categories, but the top 10 includes countries such as Japan, India and Brazil. Comment from IFAF President Richard McLean: Our problem with this Olympic program is budget and how to get our message across.. Either way, the NFL can step in. Its foundation recently committed $1.5 million to its flag-in-the-schools program. It has reached 13 million students since its inception in 2014, with the aim of promoting “flag football” training at the school level.

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