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An impressive meteor crash has lit up the sky green

A ball of fire crossed the sky over part of the Australian state of Queensland on Saturday evening, leaving behind a green trail. She was meteor pushed through the atmosphere before colliding in Tirhe told The Canberra Times. Surprised, many Australians shared photos of the impressive celestial phenomenon on social networks.

The latter happened at night, at 9:22 am. It can be observed by residents of the region from the far west to the north of the state. And so the meteor was visible in Cairns, where many videos were shot. In addition to his dazzling luminous path, he marked spirits with the sound of an explosion that accompanied his appearance. If it looks like green fireworks, it is due to a chemical phenomenon. Color due to combustion of minerals.

Body measures approximately 1 metre

In this particular case, I would say so[elle] It is caused by the combustion of nickel in the atmosphere, as explained by Richard de Gregg, professor of astrophysics. but [la présence de] Copper and iron is also a possibility because [ces métaux] It also gives a green color when burned. The specialist estimated the size of the celestial body at 1 meter, a dimension “a little larger than what we are used to seeing.”

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