Android 14 will make your smartphone unique and beautiful

Android 14 integrates Material U’s advancements into its source code. A novelty to add some pep to your interface.

It’s so sad that everyone has the same phone. Far from ideal, this is one of the criticisms that continues to be addressed to the iPhone.Think differently » or sent message 1984 Business. Fortunately, this trend aims to fade over time, and Android is definitely heading in that direction.

You are the object for a clean interface

With Android 12, Google introduced a design language called Material U (Design languagein English) It restores the main colors of your wallpaper to suit the operating system as a whole. Of course, all was not well at the time, far from it. For example, we had to wait for a more recent version for these colors to change with the icons of third-party applications.

The update to Android 14 should go even further by offering a wider color palette, no longer limited to pale tones.

No more “faith”.

website 9to5Google Android 14’s open source code found a new style internally called “Faith“. It uses much brighter colors than the current version. A discovery confirmed by a tweet from the official Google account, which highlights more intense colors in the video.

Color is unique. Why design so that everyone sees the same color? #GoogleDesign #Meaning is you #object design #design

—Google Design (@GoogleDesign) April 27, 2023

If your wallpaper has punchy colors, these will appear to emphasize certain elements of your interface. Now these are washed and the red color changes to a faint pale pink. Same goes for the other colors, all washed out.

See you on Android 14

By obtaining the source code from Google, 9to5Google was able to create a demo application of what these new interfaces will look like.

We notice that the button and star in the lower right uses very marked colors, and it works with a dark theme, then replaces it with less bright tones, but retains the color hue. Enough to provide a wide range of colors for our interfaces.

Note that this is definitely about the Pixels, but it might take time to sort out on other brands of devices. Samsung offers similar functionality With its theme park Available at Galaxy Store.

At this time, the beta version of Android 14 does not provide this functionality. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was presented at Google I/O on May 10. The conference should also unveil new devices (Pixel 7a, Pixel Tab, Pixel Fold, etc.), new features integrated into Google applications, and Google’s advancements in the field of AI.

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