Android will finally integrate your loved ones birthday reminder

Google has released an update for the Google Contacts app. The goal is simple: to remind you of your loved ones’ birthdays.

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Forgetting the birthday of a loved one, friend, family member, friend-colleague is always embarrassing in our society. Thankfully, Google has released an essential update for the Contacts Management app on Android.

Birthday celebration

With the update, the Contacts app will give you “To register a birthdayof your loved ones, if this has not already been done, on their contact sheets.

Application notification can be sent when D-day arrives. Registration of other dates such as wedding anniversary date is not possible at this stage.

And data for Google?

One wonders if behind this new service that Google is graciously offering, like many other platforms, the company doesn’t have a new idea to collect more personal data. Data collection continues to be American big business.

That is, date of birth is the least personal information in the world. It is used today when registering on many sites and Google is not waiting until 2023 to register the age and date of birth of its users.

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