Apple faces $2 billion fine in UK


If the case goes to trial, Apple could pay up to 1.8 billion euros in fines, including interest

Apple It will be prosecuted United Kingdom ? is the company Through software updates in 2017, it was accused of limiting the speed of certain iPhones compensate Batteries defective. Six years later, Justin Goodman, a British consumer activist, filed a lawsuit against the company.

This Tuesday, Apple asked a London court to block the complaint, reports said Reuters. If investigated, the US company faces a fine of $2 billion (€1.8 billion), not including interest. Attorneys for Justin Goodman have filed Apple is covering up battery issues And in 2017 a hidden installation of an energy management tool limited performance Smartphones.

Efficiency is limited to an average of 10%

Apple denies the allegations, calling the complaint “baseless.” However, a small number recognize the American giantiPhone The 6s actually had defective batteries, but their replacements were offered free of charge. He claims that the infamous 2017 update reduced iPhone performance by only 10% on average, while the phones performed better even with low battery.

However, Justin Goodman’s complaint is based on reports from Apple itself. In 2020, The group was targeted by a class action in the United States On the same topic. The company later announced that “it never happened”, not ruling out the possibility of such tightening.

For his part, the Apple lawyer recalled that the team had already apologized for the iPhone battery failure. He recalled that these problems are the same for all electronic devices: No battery, he said, “can provide the maximum power required under all conditions and at all times.”

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