Apple: Outage affects Weather app on iPhone

Apple enthusiasts have temporarily lost weather information. This Tuesday, many Internet users reported a break in the Weather app for iPhone, which no longer displays data for their desired cities.

“Any problem with “Weather” app on iPhone??? She will never walk again! “, notes one user on Twitter. “Weather app on iPhone has been crazy lately,” laments another tweet. “Guys, did your iPhone stop showing weather forecast too after the 16.4 update?” asks another.

The app, which is installed by default on iPhones and is supposed to give real-time temperature, weather and forecasts, doesn’t show any data for French cities like Paris or Marseille, or overseas like London or New York. .

Apple has reported this issue

The only anomaly noted by The Parisian: Data was intermittently available on the weather page for some cities as of late this Tuesday afternoon.

It’s unclear whether the issue is directly related to the latest iPhone software update, Launched at the end of March By Apple. Some users have reported issues since installing this update, especially last April 1st.

The iPhone maker admits, on its dedicated website, there are issues with the weather service starting this Tuesday at 5 p.m. But did not specify a timeframe for a return to normality.

The problem, reported in France, is also affecting iPhone users overseas, particularly in the United States CNN.

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