At 54, she’s losing all her friends because of her body!

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This woman is 100% sure that her super attractive body is the only reason she is putting her social life on hold. She really struggles to get real friends and a husband. She insisted on further explanations of her theory!

Friends: Beauty is nothing to this girl!

Jane Currow believes she is too beautiful to have friends. Everyone thinks life is kind to the beautiful. Still, this girl is determined Opposite. She really has an amazing report!

Jane Currow has a physique that meets the standards of what is called “beauty” today. However, she considers her muscular, lean and beautiful body A burden. And for good reason, she’s 54 and not alone and friendless.

Age does not affect him at all. When you first see Jane Crowe, you might think she’s pretty famous. We tell ourselves that she needs to see a lot of friends, but it’s quite the opposite.

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Jane Carrow began to realize that her body made her default In his thirties. She knows that she always attracts the eyes of men and women. However, her friends do not approach her because of her beauty. And this, without even knowing his personality.

Jane Currow looks good on herself!

But despite this, Jane always thought it was important to take care of her body. And she does it by exercising more. She also follows a strict diet to keep Her dream figure.

Jane is right In perfect harmony with his body. So she has no intention of stopping taking care of herself just to have friends. And this applies to men too.

She doesn’t plan to give up on losing her sense of attraction to men. So Jane He continues to live in his own way. This is despite the loss of friends. In addition, she has already stopped blaming herself.

In fact, Jane felt guilty for not having real friends because of her looks. She is still working on something. And so much the better, because in the end she’s the one who matters In agreement With himself!

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Jane Crowe has met some real friends!

Jane Crowe proves that life is easy for the beautiful. And these people find work very quickly, as well as friends and a partner easily.

According to the woman, her amazing physique complicated her existence. For good reason, there are people A tendency to form an opinion about external beauty. And especially for women.

People often think that people with positive physiques are stupid. Therefore, people like Jane are always forced to prove their intelligence to people in the face of her beauty.

A complication she decided to put aside. Thanks to this decision, she was able to meet True friends Who loves her for who she is!

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