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Atletico drowns in front of Milan, and life in the Champions League is complicated

Madrid, Spain.

Even the defeat of Porto at Anfield did not clarify the future of Atletico Madrid in the Champions League, as he could not play anything against Milan, losing 0-1 and without nuances by the opponent who believed more in victory, which suggested more to achieve and that he achieved it. In the 87th minute, with a precise header from Messias Junior to reveal to the Rojiblanco team an irrefutable fact of its current level in Europe, while continuing to wait for an indispensable victory in Do Dragao or anything else, if the Italian team beat Liverpool.

In the second group, Liverpool, who beat Porto 2-0, included the classification and first place (15 points). He is followed by the Portuguese with 5, then Atletico and Milan, close to 4. So these three teams arrive with odds until the last date.

In the 71st minute, when Stefan Savic came off the ground to block Bakayoko’s shot, Atletico already felt quite visibly afraid. When the forward beat Jan Oblak with an indisputably relaxed and outspoken header, he already made sure that the Champions League, regardless of the opponent, demands much more than what Rojiblanco’s side offered on Wednesday at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Antoine Griezmann competes for the ball with Sandro Tonali.

The first place is impossible, like the past four years, the English team is elusive, the second is still in dispute, in a hurry – or indefinitely – even a year ago when it was played in Salzburg. Now he will rival him on the last day in Do Dragao. But also in Milan. The Italian national team will enter the equation if it beats Liverpool. Then he will decide the overall goal difference, which Atletico have lost at the moment, so they should win at least a little more than Milan. Chaos.

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Atlético needed at least a draw. He didn’t even do that. There are no average conditions, nuances, no excuse or excuse to cut all that is at stake for Roger Blanco’s side, which, for some time, hasn’t faced very significant challenges in the Champions League. But it is one thing and another to live on the edge in every recent appearance in the group stage of the European Grand Prix. In the current race, he only won once. Out of 19 matches, he won only six.

Atlético de San Siro, to that match from the second date in which they won ten against Milan, in that match that was mired in half an hour by the Italian team, was alerted by the pressure that depicts the Rojiblanco team in similar scenarios, when the opponent demands speed, vision and movement In the exit towards the midfield he does not have and this puts him in the evidence. It also raises questions about severity.

$!  Koke Markando a Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Koke Markando a Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

He suffered from it again in a grueling kickoff, which demands speed in executing every pass, every dribble, which owes every pause to losing or catching the ball, with no other position except for going up, many of them advancing in the first half for Atlético, who yearn For the best Carrasco, who grows when Lemar and Llorente are deeper or De Paul encourages the pass, who communicates best when Griezmann is the one playing the job or he overpowers when he finds Luis Suarez in the area. But today all this happens very little in the Rogblanco team, without clairvoyance.

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When he succeeded, he shook with a pressure that sometimes reduced him to an inaccurate, repetitive sequence with the ball. Not only did he suffer when he got the ball, but also to recover when he possessed his opponent, Milan has what he has, but he moves well and shines when the ball is from Brahim Diaz, which is sometimes undetectable. him an athlete.

He has character, presence and class, beyond the revolutions that are left in some works, in some passes that yielded nothing or in the precipitation itself. He has to choose better the moment and direction of the lane. Had they been better than them, Atlético would have had a worse time defensively on a cold night at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Not a single occasion deserved such an expression until the second half, until the 47th minute, with a shot from Lemar. Almost the only one in the entire Atlético duel. Before that, the closest thing was to DePaul’s shot at 2min 15sec, which was canceled for offside. nothing else. Above all, because Savic was Providence cutting a threatening pass from Ibrahim, because Ibrahim’s center kick looked more than it did and because Theo hooked a high ball in one of his usual offensive tackles.

Even the choice of Lemar did not change the face of Atletico, who was again overtaken by Milan, unable to control the match, frightened in defense, silent in attack, his only relief from Anfield, for the goal with which Liverpool had already won over Porto. , which shed some light on the widespread outage that Diego Simeone’s team has suffered at home, against the last of the group, against an opponent who has yet to win anyone in this edition of the European Championship maximum, with the only worrying feeling that if anyone is. Deserved victory then was the Italian bloc.

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He did not do so because Savic crossed Bakayoko’s 0-1 shot. That was the 71st minute. It was also a really dangerous warning, inevitable for Atletico, as Ibrahimovic was already on the ground, with a shipwreck in sight, a fact in the 87th minute when Messias Junior’s header brought him closer to the abyss of elimination. In Do Dragao, the role of the 16 is played. You need to win. And I hope that Milan does not defeat Liverpool by himself or with more goals than him.

– data sheet:

0 – Atletico Madrid: Oblak. Llorente, Savic, Jimenez, Hermoso (Lodi, AD 63); de Paul (Vrsalico, AD 76), Cook, Limar (Korea, AD 63), Carrasco; Griezmann (Kondogbia, m. 80), Luis Suárez (Cunha, m. 76).

1 – Milan: Tatarusano. Calolo (Florenzi, AD 65), Keir, Romagnoli, Theo; Tonali (Bakayoko, AD 65), Casey; Krunich (Junior Messias, AD 65), Ibrahim (Ben Nasser, AD 76), Salymakers; Girod (Ibrahimovic, 65).

Goal: 0-1, m. 87: Young Christ.

Rule: Slavko Vincic (Slovenia). He was warned by the local Llorente (AD 60) and the visiting Girod (AD 26).

Accidents: The match of the fifth day of Group B of the Champions League, which was held at the Wanda Metropolitano in front of 61,019 spectators.

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