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Australian Grand Prix – Race Predictions

Can George Russell win?

Until the third quarter, Mercedes’ weekend seemed to take the turn of the previous Grand Prix. Even if Max Verstappen is far ahead in terms of time, the latter has had all the trouble in the world to line up three sectors without any problem. The Red Bull driver seemed to have a problem with the overall balance of his car, sometimes understeering, sometimes oversteering.
These are all facts that make us hope that together the two Mercedes drivers can help each other go and chase victory. Especially since the RB19 seems to have some reliability issues early in the season.
More comfortable driving a W14 than his seven-time world champion teammate, George Russell could be the grain of sand in Red Bull/Verstappen’s equipment this weekend.

Return of Sergio Perez

We were talking about the reliability of the RB19. He was undermined in qualifying in Jeddah, depriving Max Verstappen of a potential pole position. Sergio Perez also fumbled a third corner kick in the first quarter.
The Mexican driver will start at the back of the grid, like his Dutch teammate in Saudi Arabia two weeks ago.
As much as the rise of the world champion seemed “easy” on the Saudi circuit, the task will be more difficult for Perez in Albert Park. Weather conditions mean grip will be more dangerous this weekend, and even if the circuit has four DRS zones, overtaking conditions are less favorable in Australia.

If Sergio Pérez wishes to preserve his chances of fighting for the world crown, he will have to conserve his tyres, his engine, and his single-seater, which could derail his comeback.

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Ferrari homes

As much as Aston Martin was the reveal at the start of the season, Ferrari is one of the biggest disappointments.
A significant increase in engine power was announced. But in the end, the lap time on the track proves that the Italian team has not made any progress, or that it has not. While all of their opponents manage to grab tenths here and there, the SF-23 appears to be at the limit of its capacity.

Charles Leclerc is hoping to have a more satisfying pace in the race, but we saw that the sensations in Jeddah just weren’t there.
It seems unlikely that the Italian team will be able to return to the podium as Fernando Alonso and the two Mercedes drivers seem motivated and efficient to reach at least second and third places in the race.

Hope in the Alps?

Our French Formula 1 Team is progressing little by little in the single-seater understanding. With Pierre Gasly in the third quarter, they proved once again that they have the potential to be the fifth force on the board before looking up the better.
Esteban Ocon, a victim of traffic during his last fast lap failed Q2, but clearly had the speed to join his teammate Norman in Q3.
So we can hope for a double points finish for Francena on Sunday. In Australia, the Grand Prix is ​​often disrupted by racing events that may benefit the Alpine team.

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