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Bad Bunny uses “Mario Casas” to announce his world tour

The creative team behind the Bad Bunny character is again scoring in their favor by creating a romantic audiovisual story to announce the artist’s world tour.

It all begins with an intimate scene, where “Bad Rabbit” is shown having dinner with his girlfriend, model Gabriela Berlingeri, who in addition to her appreciation for the beauty of the environment, asks him not to leave her alone.

He explains to her, “I have to work and do things, but I will never leave you alone.”

Standing and in his seat is the Spanish actor Mario Casas, who, in addition to being famous for his undeniable talent, is one of the sexiest men in Spain.

The protagonist of Contratempo goes out with the bride, while the groom goes out to travel the world. Of course, he didn’t leave her alone.

Bad Bunny begins his journey: “People have to start worrying less and have more fun, because life goes by so fast, just like ‘Last World Tour’ tickets are sold out, SoI was thinking, What do you think of your announcement of my next tour.”

In this way, he invited his millions of followers to buy tickets for the world tour that will begin on August 5 at Camping World in Orlando, Florida, while he works on his next album.

the Bad Rabbit: The World’s Most Important Tour It will be shown in the most important stadiums in the United States and Latin America with the support of living nation s CMN in the United States. Followed by Orlando, and she will continue her tour through cities like Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and more, before heading to Latin America in October. Tickets for this stadium tour will go on pre-sale on Wednesday, January 26th at 12 noon local time. After that, it will go on sale to the public on Friday, January 28 at 12 noon local time

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Grammy-nominated artist and music producer Eliso and 10-time Grammy-winning Diplo are joining this tour as special guests on some American shows.

This announcement is a clear representation of Bad Bunny’s evolutionary growth as a global star. Immediately after announcing his tour “The Last World Tour 2022 In mid-2021 – which will begin in early February this year and tour 35 arenas across North America – the artist broke Ticketmaster’s number for the biggest ticket sales for a first-day tour since 2018, quickly selling everything 35 shows and selling more From 500,000 tickets.

In addition, in the middle of last December, the artist held his first concerts in the stadium, breaking records for the audience with two performances at Hiram Bethorne Stadium in Puerto Rico.

The tour will begin August 5 in Orlando, Florida, and will be presented exclusively in stadiums. (supplied)

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