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Barcelona plays, Real Madrid wins

Barcelona once again hit the wall of Real Madrid. The first official Clasico to be played outside Spain meant a fifth successive win in Meringue against an unbeatable opponent since March 2, 2019, nearly three years ago. The good news at Barcelona was his growth and his ability to tackle a rival that was supposed to be much higher. The good news in Code White is that his DNA is unchanged: winning is the main thing, without paying much attention to how.

Barcelona played a lot and well. He has competed better. “We still had to win, but we competed very well,” Pique resolved at the end of the crash, summarizing the feeling of a team that had been depressed for a long time and was striving, under Xavi, to rediscover its essence. . He’s on his way or so it seemed in Riyadh, where the Barcelona coach did not hesitate to gamble when he realized the need to do so, satisfied with his team’s response.

He played for Barcelona and Madrid won, which is not an unknown story at all when referring to what each team is and what they pretend to be. Ancelotti’s men enjoyed a very comfortable opening half hour, but Barcelona’s rebellion, after Vinicius’ goal, is back on the plane that Xavi’s side have a lot to be proud of in terms of football. Restoring self-esteem is a step forward for Barcelona, ​​perhaps insufficient for some but clear in general.


In football, it is not always who deserves it but who is the most successful can move to the classic Riyadh. Busquets unfortunately lost the ball and fought back with a score of 0-1, Dani Alves conceded an erroneous goal in favor of Mendy with a score of 1-2, and both Dembele’s loss and Alba’s weak defense against Rodrygo led to the final 2-3. “We lost because of our mistakes,” Xavi lamented, satisfied, yes, with his team’s ability.

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The Barcelona coach summed it up clearly: “We excelled, we had 3-2 as well as 3-3. We controlled them when we got rid of the complexes … but we were punished for making mistakes.” Explain what his team went through.

Mistakes punished him severely and caused a certain frustration in Barcelona, ​​who lost for the fifth time in a row in the Classic against an opponent who should not have asked many questions. Win the most important thing in football and leave any other argument for another time.

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