Beware of this message prompting you to download an update, it’s a virus

A campaign Fishing It was updated by a researcher in November 2022 for Windows users Internet security. However, it has been used since last February. This hack is about search engine Google Chromereports Phoneandroid.

For users, it is a message displayed on the home page like an alert. It tricks internet users into installing a browser update. Everything is done to give confidence to the users. However, to install this fake update, you need to visit malicious websites.

The malware is available in over 100 languages

By visiting these fake sites, users are being notified that there is a problem with Chrome’s automatic update. There, you are advised to install the update or wait for the next update. Some will be tempted to download the zip file and provide it as an attachment. But once activated, the latter “excludes itself from Windows Defender settings, suspends Windows Update services” and then installs the Monero mining software. It’s about a Virtual currency Mostly used by hackers.

Available in 100 different languages, it Malware Users can be reached all over the world. Chrome in particular is used by three billion people daily. Cybersecurity experts explain that victims rarely know about an attack. Hence, they suggest not to download any program from unverified source.

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