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Born LeBron James Injury Anthony Davis At Los Angeles Lakers: Was He To Blame?


In the game Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves, Anthony Davis was injured after a foul by LeBron James. Was it wrong ‘the king’?

Anthony Davis and LeBron James
© Kevin C. Cox / Getty ImagesAnthony Davis and LeBron James

When it seemed Los Angeles Lakers I found chemistry between “big-3” From LeBron James, Russell Westbrook And Anthony Davis A new pest appeared in ‘eyebrow’ And California’s winning record begins to shake.

Their worst loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves by 92-110 points was not the new sign of the Lakers’ erratic team. Davis was injured again and According to a specialist, the injury is more serious than it appears. Alarms go off for Anthony!

Anthony Davis was injured during the third quarter and the irony was after a mistake before LeBron James. Was it your fault ‘the king’? The discussion started on 3, 2, 1, but the implication is that Bronn didn’t intend to hurt him ‘eyebrow’.

attacks Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James drove it and after passing the ball to Davis wanted to get rid of Jaden McDaniels’ mark to receive the ball again. Here comes the error ‘the king’ causing Anthony’s injury.

VIDEO: LeBron James injures Anthony Davis at Lakers

LeBron James was fouled by Jaden McDaniels and it wasn’t the worst because the move he made ‘the king’ To get rid of your brand He ended up throwing 84 kg of force forward onto his injured knee Anthony Davis.Was Bronn wrong? The fans will judge.

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