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Camilla Fabri: Wife of businessman Alex Saab – Crimes – Justice

Camila FabriShe is 27 years old, married to a businessman from Barranquilla Alex Saab Since 2014, they have two daughters, four years and one year old.

After learning on Saturday that Saab’s extradition to the United States had been completed, the woman – from Caracas (Venezuela) – confirmed: “My husband is kidnapped by the United States (…) We are also kidnapped by the United States. States. Family.”

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Camila is the second wife of Difficult, who is facing an operation in Florida for seven money laundering cases related to the Nicolas Maduro regime, for $350 million.

The model, who has appeared sporadically on TV, went from working in a clothing store in Milan (Italy), in 2012, to being on the radar of European authorities to rent a house in Parioli, in 2016, for 5,800 euros each. Month.

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According to the Italian authorities, in 2013 Camila He bought a truck for 54 thousand euros, and in 2018 he bought a building for 4.7 million euros. The property is located in a private sector.

This left her under the watchful eye of the Italian authorities, who in 2020 designated a bank account – with a millionaire number – in her name. In fact, the building went into domination extinction.

Camila, who before Saab was in a relationship with a famous football player, is protected by the Maduro regime. The authorities do not rule out that he lent his name to transport a millionaire sums of money from the United Kingdom.

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It is not excluded that an international arrest warrant will be announced against him if he leaves Venezuela.

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