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Checo Pérez aims for his best qualification in the US His first Formula One pole?

Mexican Sergio Chico Perez Aim to get your best score in United States Grand Prix On the Formula 1, due to the good performance he showed during free practice.

During the first session, Czech Perez He had one of the best times in top speed, while in the second he was the first with the fastest time and with a full tank and race simulation he had the second best time. In the third round, he ranked first again.

During his previous eight appearances in Circuit of the AmericasCheco couldn’t even make it into the top five in first free practice, while his best qualification was achieved in 2015, when he was a pilot India’s power.

The Mexican had his best starting position in 2015, also finishing fifth and just behind him mercedesAnd Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and his current partner Max Verstappen.

The man from Guadalajara dominated the second practice with a time of 1:40.915 and finished ahead of Mercedes and in the first was seventh.

Already in the last training session, Checo gradually improved as the minutes went by, fighting between 1st and 4th, but less than 20 minutes after the practice was over he managed to grab the 1st place. This is the first time Checo Pérez has been able to dominate two free practices in the same weekend So far this season and after 10 years in F1.

Best recorded time Czech Perez During Saturday it was 1:34.701 (FP3), ahead of Carlos Sainzwith who Ferrari He was 104 tenths slower than the Red Bull member, while he went third Max Verstappen.

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In the midst of the battle for the drivers’ championship held by Verstappen and Lewis HamiltonCheco Pérez could become a surprise to qualify in which he fights head-on Valtteri Bottas And Lando Norris.

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