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Comunesacion qualified for the Apertura 2021 final leaves the municipality on the road and will face Malacateco next Wednesday

After the first round between the two on the 23rd of last December in which there were no goals, it was the Karim who, since the first half, took care to look for the advantage.

This trend was determined by a play that aroused the suspicion of Albus fans, in the 15th minute when Jorge Aparicio fell near the area defended by Ricardo Jerez.

Red Aparicio defender Jose Morales passed from behind, but the central defender did not score anything, which angered the fans.

Already in the sequel, we are still waiting for the special guest. We mistakenly think that would come to 75 minutes when Naciri made the max for Jose Cardozo’s penalty kick.

Rudi Barrientos tried to turn the score 0-1 to give them a pass to the final, but his shot hit Kevin Moscoso.

This result was enough for those led by Willy Oliveira to secure a pass to the final of the competition on the National League’s tie-breaking criterion for which the top spot in the overall table ranks.

In this case, the Comunicaciones at the end of the regular stage are in second place behind the removed Antigua GFC and one above their eternal rival, Municipal.

Now, the Comunicaciones will have to face Malacateco in the final first leg on December 29 at a time to be confirmed.

The second final will be held on January 1, pending confirmation of the date.

On Saturday Antigua could not beat the 0-2 that Malacateco endorsed in the other series on the first date. They finished 1-1 and 1-3 on aggregate which ended with Toros being awarded the first ticket to the final.

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