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Confirmation of spying operations against 35 journalists and activists in El Salvador

Pegasus software has been the tool used to spy on activists and journalists for over a year.

CitizenLab and AccessNow reveal results Investigation confirms that at least 35 journalists and members of civil society in El Salvador were spied on Via the Israeli-made Pegasus program.

Journalists from El Faro, GatoEncerrado, Disruptive Digital, El Mundo and Hoy newspapers, as well as members of Cristosal organizations and the Democracia Transparencia y Justicia (DTJ)They witnessed a breach of the privacy of their communications between July 2020 and November 2021, according to the investigation report.

Those affected include two independent journalists and another unnamed NGO.

The same report indicates that the breach occurred When the media and organizations reveal cases of corruption in the El Salvador government and its frequency.

The investigation indicates that the Pegasus software operator in El Salvador, named Torogoz for investigation purposes, It was to start operating from November 2019.

However, he states that there is not enough evidence to conclude that the operator named Torogoz represents the Salvadoran government.

Analytics of devices infected with the software have been reviewed by the AI ​​Security Lab, Front Line Defenders, Fundación Acceso and SocialTIC.

Scott Railton, one of the authors of the investigative report, detailed the interventions on Twitter It coincided with the times when subjects of great importance to the government were being discussed.

Railton rebuked the NSO group that owns the program, calling its sale to El Salvador “reckless.”

“El Salvador is in no way associated with Pegasus and is not a customer of the NSO Group,” Sofia Medina, a spokeswoman for President Najib Bukele, told The Associated Press in a statement. He said that the government does not have licenses to use this type of software.

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