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Cuba returns other credentials to the team of Effie journalists in Havana | international

The Cuban authorities informed the Spanish government to return two more credentials to the journalists of the Effie team in Havana, The five draws, after two re-credits last SundaySpanish diplomatic sources said on Wednesday. The sources added that the return of the credentials would be accompanied by permission to grant the journalist’s visa to the new “Effie” delegate in Cuba, Juan Palop, who was appointed by the agency at the end of July, and confirmed that the Cuban authorities would adopt these visas. Decisions “as of November 28”.

Efe President Gabriela Cañas called the new measure “insufficient” and “delayed”, while calling for the credits to be returned to the entire team and stressing that the agency would continue to insist that Efe reconstitute its delegation, traditionally made up of seven journalists. “The Cuban authorities’ harassment of the agency is serious and dangerous,” Canillas said. “The decisions of the past few months have weakened our team. The withdrawal of all credits last Saturday and the return of Al-Qattara shows a clear desire to destabilize our journalistic work.”

In an escalation of the tension Effie experienced in recent months with the Cuban authorities, they withdrew the accreditation of six members of their team and delayed the visa process for the new delegate. “What has happened in recent weeks is an unprecedented attack on a leading Spanish agency in the world,” Cañas added.

Cuba withdrew the credentials of five EFE journalists in Havana last Saturday without explaining the reasons or whether the measure was temporary and permanent, on the eve of The protests were called on Monday 15 by opposition groups to demand changes And they are not authorized by the government. Havana had previously withdrawn the agency’s team coordinator’s credentials at the end of August and had not granted the journalist’s entry visa to the new head of office.

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Cuba’s decision sparked unanimous condemnation of organizations that defend freedom of the press and many countries and institutions, such as the European Union and the United Nations, and called on the Spanish government on Sunday to hold consultations with the charge d’affaires of the Cuban embassy in Madrid’s request for clarifications of this decision and to demand the return of credentials. The Spanish government, including its embassy in Cuba, and the head of Effie have taken steps from the start for Havana to reimburse the entire agency team.

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