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Despite police and military checkpoints, thousands are once again marching against Bukele’s abuses

This massive march is taking place at the same time that Najib Boukil’s government is trying to prevent the arrival of many people who were destined to concentrate.

“What is the way?” “No more corruption,” “No more political persecution,” were some of the messages seen in the streets of the capital, which were once again filled with thousands of Salvadorans hesitant to live among the abuses. From power, tyranny and ongoing corruption scandals.

Since early this Sunday morning, October 17, carrying colorful posters, people of very diverse origins, intellectual forms and even ages have come out to demonstrate for the fourth time in forty days.

# live | Several civic organizations gathered to demonstrate from Cuscatlán Park to demonstrate against various government policies. More info:

Posted by El Sunday, October 17, 2021

Despite their diversity, they appear to be united by the concern that consolidation of power and impunity does not prevail in El Salvador. But its causes are varied: disappearances on which the government does not announce itself, bitcoin law that has forced volatile crypto activity, illegal and forced dismissal of judges, re-election, water law that the ruling party is building, abandonment of the veterans sector, and consolidation of power, among others. other topics.

Photos: “No More Corruption”: Mass rally against President Bukele

Photo EDH / Jonathan Funes

This massive march is taking place at the same time that Najib Boukil’s government is trying to prevent the arrival of many people who were destined to concentrate.

See: Alleged police document distributing orders to enter buses that were heading to the rally

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At the main entrances to the city, they erected barricades – some exclusively military – to prevent citizens from expressing their displeasure.

Photo EDH / Jonathan Funes

But this did not stop thousands from displaying colorful posters and chanting popular slogans calling for an end to the abuses of power.

The Independent Judges Syndicate also joined the rally this Sunday, protesting the blow to the independence of the judiciary in the face of the Bukele government’s actions.

Judge Antonio Duran participated in the march and reiterated his rejection of the ruling, promoted by the ruling party, to retire judges over 60 years of age.

“We also oppose the transfer and dismantling of some key courts, such as Criminal Chamber I, Criminal Chamber II, and Chamber of the Environment, as well as other arbitrary transfers,” Doran said. “This situation put us in the eyes of the world as a dictatorship,” he said.

Photo EDH / Ricardo Avelar

Citizens say, “We are marching by force, with the corruption of Najib Bukele’s government.”

For the fourth time in just over a month, thousands of Salvadorans have gathered in the streets to protest the abuse of power.

However, the government’s propaganda machine tried, unsuccessfully, to establish that the movement was financed from abroad and that citizens were forced to march.

In this regard, the reaction of the audience was humor and irony. During the mass demonstration on October 17, dozens of people hinted through their banners that they had been forced to demonstrate. But not in the way the government repeats.

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“Today we are compelled… to corrupt my Bukele!” , a poster reads of a young woman admitting that she is already tired of the abuse of power.

“We are forced to walk…in our conscience,” another poster read.

Another emphasized the message: “They were forced to march…for our democracy.”

Photo EDH / Jonathan Funes
Photo EDH / Jonathan Funes

The police set up checkpoints

Since the early hours of Sunday morning, Twitter users using #ElDomingoMarchamos and #El17Marchamos have invited residents to join the activities, and have also denounced the establishment of vehicle checkpoints by elements of the National Civil Police (PNC) on the main roads connecting to San. Salvador.

See: “They let us pass.” Citizens condemn the barriers of the Palestinian National Council to prevent mobilization for the march

Photo EDH / Ricardo Avelar

And the official account of the Palestinian National Police on Twitter reported the detention of citizens heading to the march. They confirmed that they had verified that “fugitives from justice” were not crammed into buses.

Former judge Guzmán refused to meet the Bukele judges, telling them: “We must return to constitutional obedience.”

The powerful police and military apparatus were deployed on the Pan-American Highway, in the municipality of Aguilares, on the avenue Monsignor Romero, at the height of the residential district of Veranda, on the Oro Highway at the height of San Martin, San Marcos and in Santa Quay in the direction that leads to the capital.

The Palestinian National Council set up several checkpoints at the entrances to San Salvador before the October 17 march. Twitter Pics @PNCSV

Also in social networks, users reported the presence of checkpoints on the North Trunk, Comalapa, San Martín and Soyapango highways, as well as the Santa Ana highway.

The security forces stopped several units of mass transportation and searched the passengers and their properties and inside the units.

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Via her Twitter account, attorney Roxana Cardona denounced the stopping of a mass transit bus by at least 50 members of the police, including elements of the Tactical Operational Unit (UTO), who checked their property and unjustifiably detained passengers in Santa Ana, in Polanco peak in front of the tent.

Social researcher Janet Aguilar said on Twitter: “Protesting is a constitutional right. Neither the PNC nor FUERZARMADASV can limit this right.”

Organizations call for a march on October 17 against the Bukele government

Social media users have deplored the unjustified detention by members of the United Tajik Opposition in Santa Ana. Image: Illustrative, non-commercial image /

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