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Did Australia Provide Social Credit for Internet Access? – editing

Question from Jo on Dec 13

A video from Australian TV news is being shared on social networks in France and abroad to confirm that in Australia, Social credit [est] You enter to access the Internet, via your digital ID. Citizens need 100 identification points to use [réseaux] Social media and the police will have access to your accounts, including private messages ».

These photos are not recent since they were taken From a thread broadcast April 1, 2021 Via news channel 9 News Australia. Presenter Leila McKinnon says soA radical plan to combat social media abuse is being considered by the federal government.. Then his colleague Oliver Hague detailed it “Basically, [le plan] It will work in the same way as a passport. Australians will be required to show 100 points of identification, along with a driver’s license or passport, when using social media or their Facebook and Twitter accounts. And now the police will have access to these social media accounts. This action is part of the fight against online abuse. Users may be prosecuted for defamation or even criminal prosecution. It’s all part of a plan to deter people from engaging in bad behavior. [en ligne]. The recommendations were made by a federal parliamentary inquiry. And the Morrison government is considering its own reforms, after the president declared it important to remove the notorious character of anonymity.”

identity system

First of all, there is no question of a social credit like in China, which would block access to certain sites for people who do not have a good score or who may lose points due to bad behavior. In Australia each identity document has a points value (valid passport or birth certificate worth 70 points, student card worth 40 points) and therefore it is necessary to present several of them for certain services. The concept of 100 identification points refers to the Australian Identity Documentation System. For example, to open a bank account in Australia, a person must provide the equivalent of 100 points.

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As reported by On-Air Reporters, the idea of ​​providing 100 points of identification and providing ID required to log into social media was a proposal by an Australian Parliamentary Task Force that was introduced in April 2021. The text is available online Proposed in its recommendation XXX that “To open or maintain an account on an existing social network, users must be required by law to identify themselves to a platform using 100 identification points, in the same way a person must provide identification for a mobile phone account, or to purchase a mobile SIM card.” And “Social media platforms must provide these credentials when requested by the Cyber ​​Security Commissioner, law enforcement or court.”.

Law against phishing

but This idea did not make it into the social media bill (anti-phishing) of 2022, which was never voted on. Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, of the Liberal Party, had plans to pass an anti-phishing law to allow Australians to easily and quickly complain to social media platforms to remove content allegedly defamatory. Its application has been heavily criticized by many experts, who assert that it can have the opposite effect. In May 2022, Scott Morrison promised that if he is re-elected, this bill will be one of the first such bills voted on. However, he was not re-elected and his bill fell through with the victory of the Labor Party in Parliament.

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