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Did you know ? In Australia you can find gold in the trees

– Manon van Os /

Gold diggers do not have to look far when they go to Australia. Indeed, did you know that it is found on trees? explanations.

Golden leaves grow on eucalyptus trees. This plant can transport microscopic particles of gold from deep sediments thanks to its incredibly long roots. In fact, it can extend up to 40 meters into the ground in search of water, in an arid area.

according to Article from 2013, the presence of gold in plant samples was unrelated to surface contamination. It is indeed possible that the eucalyptus roots and the environment in which they are found absorb this gold to the surface.

Furthermore, according to the Freddo Gold Prospect, north of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, the leaves, branches and bark of eucalyptus trees are high in Au, the chemical element symbol for gold. These results were achieved through a greenhouse experiment in which seedlings were grown in pots of sand filled with gold. Electron microscopy revealed Au particles in their leaves.


Cecil Britton
April 2, 2023

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