Digital payment. PayPal is not available in the Palestinian Territories. — Valley of Israel

Digital payment company PayPal does not provide access and services to the Palestinian territories. PayPal is a global leader in online payment solutions operating in more than 200 countries, some of which struggle with major economic and political instability, such as Somalia and Yemen. The company offers its services to all Israelis.

In an open letter to PayPal, the company’s CEO, Daniel H. Schulman, urged Palestinians to allow access to the platform.

Very much.

PayPal An American company that provides the system Payment service Worldwide online. The platform works as an alternative to paying through Cheque or by credit card. This site acts as a payment method for sites E-commerceThe Auction For other commercial applications where they receive a fee in return for profit such as per click transaction and password registration. PayPal Payment System, also known as PayPal, is considered a payment platform.

PayPal also allows person-to-person transfers.

Established in 1998 border, PayPal went public in 2002 and became a wholly owned subsidiary Ebay Later in the year. PayPal and eBay are one split In 2015.

The company enters the rankings Lucky 500 of the largest companies American as turnover want 204e Place in 2019, according to the magazine Forbes.

The company is listed on the Stock Exchange, Nasdaq.

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