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During the confrontation, the assassins steal vehicles to escape in Matamoros

Matamoros. – During Chasing and shooting Recorded on Sunday morning MatamorosArmed men stripped citizens of their cars, as noted in videos circulating on social media.

In one of these videos, a man leaves his home to meet up close with armed civiliansForcing him to fall to the ground.

People ask for his car keys, so the guy immediately throws them away and tells them what his unit is.

A woman is heard begging the criminals not to take the car, but the men get in the car, while the man tells the woman to be quiet and the gunmen ask to take the car.

Then the men fled.

In the video, the militants are seen moving in the opposite direction to avoid confronting elements of the Mexican army.

confrontation balance

Two state police were injured in the shooting that took place on this border, with hundreds of families terrified of coming face to face with armed men who took their cars in an attempt to flee the authorities.

Armed civilians in two trucks reportedly attacked state police officers while they were on reconnaissance tours in the 20 de Noviembre district of Matamoros.

The aggression was due to the fact that people were arrested when they tried to commit a trailer theft.

Given that, there was persecution and shooting, which resulted in a policeman being injured in a calf, his health condition is stable, and another due to shrapnel, both of whom were taken to a nearby hospital.

As a result of the aggression, persecution and patrols began with the support of the Mexican Army, the National Guard and the investigative police of the State Prosecutor’s Office.

On the other hand, the State Police during the patrols found an abandoned black truck in the Valle de Casablanca neighborhood, around which were several cartridges of different caliber.

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