Elon Musk isn’t just dreaming of Mars

An air of Star Trek

Speaking this morning at the launch of the first Space Missions for Long-Duration Exploration Conference (The only one), held FrameIn Germany, by the Corporation for Exploration and Exploitation (EEL), Elon Musk Again causing a stir: he declared SpaceX (Also) going to work on an unmanned mission to a planet outside ours The Solar SystemStarted using Very heavy (His first flight continues to crash).

Spaceship, named Starship VoyagerEquipped with “sophisticated technology” that allows it to travel at speed. the lightand explore unknown worlds.

The mission would last “several years” (the famous “Elon time” was also its general manager). Quinn Shotwell Sometimes laughs…) Yet according to Elon Musk, “scientists around the world” will “definitely” follow closely.

A scenario imagined by AI

The eccentric businessman is not short of a contradiction: he joined hundreds of world experts on March 29 to demand a six-month suspension of research on artificial intelligence, and Elon Musk revealed the entire plan this morning. Starship Voyager Created by… ChatGPTCreated an already popular (and disturbing) conversational agent prototype using artificial intelligence Unlock the AIIts version 4 was launched in mid-March.

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