Emmanuel Macron, sociologists and the “middle class”… the story of a secret lunch on the Elysée

Emmanuel Macron is looking for sensors. The head of state welcomed Tuesday, May 23, two weeks after reuniting with the economists who supported him in his takeover. the world, “The Sociologists’ Luncheon” at the Elysée. That day, four researchers took their place in the ambassadors’ lounge, where the Council of Ministers regularly meets: Jean Viard, CNRS research director of Chevypoff, a sociologist close to Emmanuel Macron; Philip Moti, professor of economics and co-founder of the Society and Consumption Lab, who worked on the “yellow vests”; Jérôme Fourquet, director of IFOP’s opinion department, and journalist Jean-Laurent Causly, co-authors France before our eyes: economy, landscapes, new ways of life (Vasal, 2021). A secret exchange called for participants on the Élysée to leave their phones at the entrance. “It doesn’t want to be the subject of a photograph Paris competition… or not in an article the world »Surprised Mr. Casley.

In front of each plate, a card describes the menu: “Society, Consumption, Lifestyles”. “Tell about changes in society”, opens with a head of state struggling to win back public opinion after looting the country and reforming pensions. Think of these guests as eager to portray “France of the Amazon and Roundabouts”According to one of them. “People want to take back power over timeJean Viard begins. The issue is not the amount of work, but the lack of freedom of choice. » Emmanuel Macron and Elysée General Secretary Alexis Kohler take note. We at Macroni assert that if the French are reluctant to work long hours, it is because of a sense of sluggish effort or a loss of civic spirit.

“Time belongs to God, then it belongs to work. Today it belongs to the individual”Positive Jean Viard Political power is imperative in a country with paid holidays and 35 hours “It prefers to model itself on German industrial culture rather than starting from this culture and avoiding it”. “The French want to regain control over their lives”Jerome Forget is abundant, referring to the slogans at the anti-retirement demonstrations in 64: “He takes away two years of life. »

While telework exacerbates social and regional fractures, the author French Archipelago (Seuil, 2019) Emmanuel Macron suggests compensating employees who are prisoners on a strict schedule. The President did not object that the neighbors of Le Touquet (Pas-de-Calais) who left to live in their holiday home during the epidemic, are returning to settle in Paris.

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