EU urges Poland to pay fines for failure to comply with CJEU ruling –

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Today at L’Expresso : Government crisis in Germany, Italy in Africa, Crimea Marine Le Pen and Uber “Uber files” are “Russian” to face commission of inquiry.


The EU urges Poland to pay its fines for non-compliance with the CJEU’s decision. The European Commission has sent six formal notices to Poland to pay daily fines for non-compliance with a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union to eliminate the newly created disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court and has been highly criticized, Polish media report. Aleksandra Krzysztoszek, in Warsaw.

capital cities


Greens warn of impending government crisis As the conflict between members of Germany’s three-party coalition reached a new high yesterday, the coalition’s environmentalists warned of a government crisis ahead. For them, now there is faith in the government “severely damaged”. Nick Alipour, in Berlin.


Italy returns to the “strategic” Horn of Africa. The Italian government, led by Giorgia Meloni (Brothers of Italy/CRE), continues to work for a greater presence on the African continent, focusing on the Horn of Africa. This was announced by Italian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani (Forza Italia/EPP) at the UN conference in Rome. Federica Pascale, in Rome.


Austria has no clear plan to cut off Russian gas. It was revealed by the European Commission yesterday as part of the European Semester review that Austria’s efforts have not led to a reduction in the share of Russian gas in total imports, which remains above the EU average. Ciara Swadden, in Brussels.


The Spanish elections were accused of fraud. Spain’s civil police arrested seven people on Wednesday (May 24) and are still questioning three of them for allegedly buying postal ballots in Mojacar, four days before regional and municipal elections in Spain. Fernando Heller with EuroEFE.

The French Corner

Politics • Marine Le Pen insists Crimea is “Russian”. During an inquiry into foreign interference in politics, Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally, maintained her position that Crimea would remain Russian. He refuses to make a connection between positions close to the Kremlin and loans given to his party by Russian banks. David Basso continued the investigation.

Energy • Climate action costs France 66 billion euros a year, according to a government report. A new report from the Prime Minister’s Office suggests that the cost of climate action in France by 2030 will be €66 billion per year. Debt burden and especially the taxation of the rich will increase the financing of public expenditure. Details by Paul Messat.

Agriculture • Pesticides and nature restoration: Frans Timmermans tried to win the support of MEPs. The cabinets of Commission Vice-President Franz Timmermans and Environment Commissioner Virginijs Sinkevičius held private meetings with MEPs to rally them to the EU administration’s proposals on pesticide reduction and landscape restoration. This is what MEPs told EURACTIV. Article by Natasha Foote in Brussels.

Technology • Uber expected to face commission of inquiry into “Uber Files” Uber CEO Tara Khosrowshashi will be questioned on Thursday (May 25) as part of a parliamentary inquiry into the “Uber Files”. This is the first time the company has publicly explained the disclosures since July 2022.

The investigation was conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). highlighted The collusion between then-Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron (2014-2016) and former Uber CEO Travis Kalani. According to the investigation, Mr. Macron would have supported the installation unreservedly.” Occupy In 2015, the US VTC in France, despite the reluctance of the government he joined.

Lobbying practices Uber, in a Press release — public speech only — was published following the revelations, not disproved to indicate that they are from the past: in 2017, “ Uber’s missteps culminated in a unique shift in American business history “. Mr. Khosrowshashi appointed as Chief Executive Officer ” To transform Uber’s entire operation “.

When faced with the Commission of Inquiry, Mr. Khosrovshashi should explain himself ” lobbying practices and [les] Links [d’Uber] With public decision makers yesterday and today “, sums up the press release of Deputy La France Insumais and reporter Daniel Simonet.

It should also clarify the US company’s position on the directive regarding platform workers. The directive, in particular, introduces a policy of assuming employment, which is widely opposed by sites, which they believe will affect their economic viability and lead to job losses.

On the same day, the Commission of Inquiry will hear Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt, his transport representative Clement Beaune and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

(Theo Burgeri-Kons | Euractive France)

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