Famous American football player Sarvaris Ward converted to Islam – video

American football cornerback Charvaris Ward for the San Francisco club of America has embraced Islam in a recent video.

America’s Muslim History and Its Deep Roots

With America’s protectionist immigration policy and ” Muslim Ban “In Donald Trump In 2017, Islam in America today is seen as a result of the migration of Muslim populations, making Islam a relatively new religion in the American Dreamland.

However, Islam’s presence in American territory goes back to the time of the Founding Fathers Ultimately America Eighteenth century. The fifty signers of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution sought to establish the principles of freedom of worship and religion, thus including Islam in their vision of the place all religions should occupy in the future. Republic.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers, a theologian, a man of enlightenment and a staunch defender of republicanism, possessed a copy of the Koran. He stood for tolerance and freedom of worship in his home state of Virginia. Recognizing religious rights for Muslims, Jews and Pagans “.

In 1788, at a state convention in North Carolina On the approval of the newly established federal constitution, those who opposed it pointed out Article VI of the Constitution He ruled out the possibility of a Muslim being president of the United States. effect, Article VI of the US Constitution was adopted in 1787 The Act enacts:

No profession of religious faith shall be required as a condition of eligibility for public office or office under the jurisdiction of the United States.

In addition to this commitment to religion in the Constitution, Islam in America is actually embraced by another essential pillar of the country: justice. In fact, the Sculpture of Prophet Muhammad The figure in the center of the large stone frieze on the north wall of the United States Supreme Court dates from the 1930s.

According to historian Sam HazelbyA member of the faculty of the American universities of Beirut and Cairo, Islam and the original language of the Muslim religion would have come to America in 1492.
In 1503, Muslims, mainly from West Africa, landed in the New World and thus America.

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