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FIFA President Gianni Infantino describes homophobic cries in stadiums as foolish habits

FIFA President Gianni Infantino spoke about the recent sanctions imposed by the highest body on federations for the homophobic yells in stadiums during the qualifying rounds. Mexico, one of the countries more efforts have been made to eradicate it, is taking a step that has been praised by the head of soccer’s governing body.

Infantino described the “foolish habit” of using racist and anti-gay cries used by fans to shed frustration on stage. In Mexico, the opponent’s goalkeeper shouts when he makes his statement, while in Central American countries the audience lights up against the opponent with anti-gay shouts.

Watch. This was the penalty imposed by FIFA on Honduras

“I know that the Mexican Football Federation, with its president and teams, are working to eliminate these foolish and discriminatory customs in stadiums. We have to go, get angry and celebrate, but we don’t have to be offended. It’s not good. All those who don’t want to” said Gianni Infantino at a FIFA press conference. To see, all those who want to live in the age of stones, stay out of the stadiums.”

Honduran fans shouted anti-gay chants during the Bicolor matches at the Olympique and Honduras was fined.

Which is that the associations have been hit hard in CONCACAF. Panama was forced to play behind closed doors in the next match at home, and El Salvador and Honduras closed a grandstand and imposed heavy fines. Mexico vs Jamaica played their first octagonal match behind closed doors.

“When there are issues like that, and they happen on the field, it is the disciplinary committee, if necessary the appeal committee, that deals with these issues, as FIFA president I cannot intervene or comment on the full issues,” Infantino said.

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He then added: “It is unbearable to accept the racist shouts in the stadium or the stadium today. What an education, we want our families in the stadiums, we want girls and boys to be passionate about football, this is not acceptable, we have to work hard on education with FIFA,” Gianni commented. .

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