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Finding the remains of a missing Australian in two crocodiles

Kevin Darmody went hunting in North Queensland. Witnesses heard him “shouting out loud” at the time of his disappearance.

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Crocodile filmed in Queensland, Australia (illustrative photo).  (Ian Griffiths/Robert Harding Legacy/AFP)

He went fishing in waters infested with crocodiles. The remains of a missing Australian have been found inside two of these reptiles, local police announced Wednesday, May 3. The homme of 65 people, identified by Australian media as well as the name of Kevin Darmody, is a regular part of a family in the north of Queensland (nord-est-pays) with the habitants of la region.

According to law enforcement, the group has repelled an alligator so they can start hunting. Witnesses later heard the man “Shout, shout out loud, and then a big splash”said Mark Henderson, Cairns Police Inspector. The Rangers, armed with rifles, shot two crocodiles several meters long in Lakefield National Park, where the group had gathered.

The experiment conducted on two reptiles “It made it possible, unfortunately, to identify the remains of the missing man.”The inspector who described A “tragic end”. Queensland It’s the land of crocodiles.Michael Joyce, who is in charge of issues related to fauna and flora in the area, warned. “If you find yourself in the water, and especially if you’re in Lakefield, it’s specifically designated as [un site de] Crocodile protection, you should expect to see crocodiles.”

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