Free Mobile is emailing its subscribers to offer “a plan that’s good for the planet and their wallets.”

Free Mobile subscribers are currently receiving an email offering the benefit of purchasing a new refurbished smartphone on the Certideal site.

A refurbished smartphone is one of the solutions to consider when refurbishing a smartphone to save money while reducing its environmental impact. While Free Mobile offers several models directly on its website, it has also established a partnership with Certideal, a French refurbishment specialist.

Free is currently emailing its subscribers to inform them of this partnership, which will allow them to benefit from discounts on several models of refurbished smartphones. The prices offered are very competitive, allowing access with a discount of at least 5%, for example, €406.59 for the iPhone 12 or €189.99 for the iPhone SE 2020 in perfect condition.

To access these offers, visit the site Certificate with Free, order their smartphone and confirm their free mobile subscription from their subscriber point, by clicking on “I take advantage of it” in the “My Advantage” section. Please note that this offer is valid for a single smartphone from 05/12/2023 to 05/23/2023 and is reserved for eligible free mobile subscribers and recipients of this email.

This article is taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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