GTA 6’s release might be closer than we think

Several clues strongly suggest that GTA 6 will launch in 2024.

That was enoughA financial document Presenting the results of the company’s Take-Two Interactive software, prompting special press. Clues have been found around the franchise’s next installment’s release window in a long arc of pages filled with statistics and predictions. Grand Theft AutoAppropriate name GTA 6.

Good years are expected in 2025 and 2026

The verdict? The release of the video game will happen in 2024. This hypothesis was developed from the video game studio’s excited comments about the next two years, 2025 and 2026. Comments detected by the site shed May 17 is the day of release of US corporate economic report.

We hope to enter our next phase of growth in FY2025 as we plan to deliver several breakthrough titles. […]. We expect to sustain this momentum with further operational efficiency growth in FY2026. “, we read in the balance sheet.

Obviously, GTA 6 Never cited. That said, there aren’t many video games in Take-Two Interactive’s catalog that have the potential to generate billions of dollars in revenue. The GTA license developed by Rockstar North Studios, owned by Rockstar Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, has this capability.

A new chapter of GTA is in the works. // Source: Rockstar

Balance GTA 6 Formalized in February 2022, apparently with no indication of its release date. Active video game development At least before 2018, and may be earlier. As early as 2013, the studio pointed out Think about what’s nextShortly after its release GTA 5. We know there will be a playable female character.

A serious sign of waiting around GTA 6, leaked game data in September 2022 in an attempt to rescue Rockstar. At the time of the incident, the studio expressed sadness that the leaks did not reflect the current state of development or hint at what the game will look like when it comes out. The case struck a chord with the studio.



If the report never says so GTA 6 Released in 2024, the indices converge strongly on this date. The studio’s exceptional financial forecasts for the next couple of years, its old growth, what can be observed in the leak, and dodging some questions during a conference call…

This collection of clues is the previous chapter, GTA 5, was also a complete success commercially. The title has sold more than 165 million copies and the publisher hasn’t lost sight of making the most of it. What other game can take on such a feat of continuity, if not successor GTA 5 ?

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