How Algeria uses France for Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s re-election?

France is grappling with Algerian President Abdelmadjid Debon’s 2024 re-election bid. The Bulldozer project destroys everything in its path and makes the Elysee a central part of its strategy.

Algeria faces a new crisis with France. Algerian media close to Mouradya have not failed to criticize France harshly since the resolution on human rights and the situation of journalists was passed by the European Parliament.

Algiers directly accuses Paris of orchestrating the referendum on the resolution and targeting representatives of the president’s party. Abdou Semmer, an Algerian journalist exiled in France, confirmed Hespress FR’s information, citing the Algerian Foreign Ministry’s secretary-general, Amar Belani, as an “anonymous source” of the news site Tout sur l’Algérie (TSA). , on the appearance of Algeria’s many “positions” on various issues.

In an event dedicated to the diplomatic spat between Algeria and France and the postponement of Algerian President Abdelmadjid Deboun’s visit to Paris, the journalist confirmed that Amar Belani used the TSA platform. “Write articles or post articles in which he expresses unofficial positions of state sending messages to French diplomacy”.

This visit continues to experience turbulence and cannot be stopped. “Algeria continues to adopt a grumpy tone… mixed with a certain bitterness and anger”He declared.

The Algerian journalist, citing investigations and sources, pointed out the French president “Emmanuel Macron is unwilling or unable to verify the plan proposed by the Algerian president” For this government visit.

He revealed that the Algerian president had proposed a plan “Heaviest to collect sixty points” And Abdelmadjid Tebboune wants to make his presence in France a major event in both media, politics and diplomacy. “It represents the spirits and creates a buzz”.

In fact, the Algerian president wants the trip to be the focal point and launch of his campaign for the elections scheduled for December 2024. A heavily mediated exhibition that pushed him ahead in the popular vote, he was installed in power through hypocrisy. Elections.

But President Deboun knows that the hunt carried out during his regime, the constant change of ministers, the arrests of politicians and other figures, the inability to create interesting programs for the people and the hatred of Morocco. did not gain the confidence of the Algerian people.

In recent months, he has racked up televised interviews full of lies and innuendos, pushing for a prominent Arab channel, even as he appears on a podcast and becomes the first president of an incumbent state to cover himself with ridicule.

The regime, which is hoping for the re-election of Abdelmadjid Tebboune, has prompted unemployed Algerians from France to stage two pro-regime demonstrations in Paris, something unimaginable in Algeria, where it is deeply unpopular.

Recently, former presidential candidate and ex-general Ali Khediri, considered influential enough to win the presidency, has been dragged into the military regime’s score-settling power, making him sensational again this week. .

He was sentenced to 6 years in prison (his sentence was extended by two years). “Attack on Army Morale” After publishing a forum addressed to his elders, it called for a break from the organization.

The retired major-general was sentenced to six years in prison, stripped of his civil and political rights for 10 years and barred from running for president in 2024, when he was due to serve his sentence next June.

Also, another person in Algeria suffered the same fate for preventing him from having political aspirations. Izad Reprap is a retired businessman who enjoys strong popularity in Algeria but also abroad thanks to his network. A 78-year-old man has been arrested and placed under court custody for paying Ali Khediri’s lawyers’ fees.

All this is part of a well-rehearsed internal and external strategy to ensure that nothing stands in the way of Abdelmadjid Tebon’s future candidacy. The event will culminate in a state visit to France by Algerian ministers with a large delegation. Aware of this game of manipulation, the French government does not want to submit to Algerian dictates, even if Emmanuel Macron’s personal ambition to establish a peaceful and healthy relationship with Algeria comes with gas in return.

The journalist reveals that the Algerian president wants to visit many places, especially the Paris Grand Mosque, and sign several agreements, the most important of which will be of a security and military nature.

Abdelmadjid Debon wants to address the French Parliament, as former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika did in 2000.

His program, proposed at the Elysée, refers to his duty in the presence of Said Chengriha, the head of the Algerian forces.

France showed a strong presentation for its role regarding the presence of the Algerian military leader, which, according to Abdou Semmer, indicated that it was necessary because he had visited France in January 2023. There was no agenda or apparent reason for organizing the meetings, removing French military officers.

“We don’t organize a meeting for the sake of organizing a meeting. It must lead to something. If Debon arrives in Paris and there are no signed or completed contracts, the visit will be compromised, so Debon wants all points settled and they lead to agreements”He sums it up.

And add: “If Sengiriha comes to kiss the head of the French forces, it is meaningless, he has already arrived on January 20 … So on the side of Elysée, they explain to the Algerian president that it is not possible “.

“Debon’s problem is that he is too greedy with France, he wants to force Paris to compromise, or to make friendly gestures that are combined with open support”, The journalist concludes.

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