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In Australia, confidence reigns supreme in the ranks of Aston Martin

It’s time for a smile on the side of your Aston Martin garage. It must be said that the huge progress made compared to 2022, confirmed by the podiums of Fernando Alonso and the good results of Lance Stroll, allowed the Greens to arrive in Melbourne in a joyful atmosphere, above all confident.

« We are very pleased with the car’s performance at the moment.And reflects Fernando Alonso is approaching the third round of the year. We have been better than expected at the beginning, especially in Jeddah. It was a good surprise, so we got here with a good level of confidence. »

If he has a smile on his face, the double world champion keeps knowing that this is only the beginning of the season and things could change soon. Indeed, Bull of Asturias confirms that he and his team have not yet been able to secure a podium finish every weekend. ” After a few races, the cars will change a lot with the first improvements. Let’s see if we can keep up the pace (…) As soon as Baku (April 30) or Imola (May 21) we will see the teams change some elements of their car and maybe they will also change the level of competitiveness (in the peloton). So let’s wait and see. »

In regards to the Australian weekend, Fernando Alonso has a good chance of pulling off a new performance. While the first big improvements are yet to appear, the Asturian can take advantage of the excellent dynamics of the AMR23 to fight again for a podium finish behind the untouchable Red Bulls.

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