Indian transgenders don’t need Starbucks

Starbucks Ad Controversial Direction India…

The American company has established more than 300 stores in forty cities in India. To boost its popularity, it needed a brand with names of unlikely coffees, and its pride in championing the transgender cause.

The ad shows an elderly couple at Starbucks. Father tries to call his late son Arbit. Mom asks not to get upset this time. The door opens on a young woman. Father got up to order coffee.

And here follows:

Transgender is the problem?

On Facebook and Twitter, the ad has been viewed 12 million times, and we’re actually seeing the worst and the best in the comments. In contrast, you will find only in India, no cultural criticism anywhere else.

In fact, some Indian internet users have been influenced by this Western institution, which wants to teach them a subject they know and have been practicing for thousands of years. Let’s do some Hindu mythology:

When Rama was chased out of the kingdom, people started following him into the forest. Then he said, “Men and women, dry your tears and go home.” All but the “hijras” who were neither men nor women left.

For this reason, Hijras have always enjoyed a special place in Hinduism. They are often invited to weddings for good luck and giving alms to them is a good deed.

So do they have a real place in this society?

Yes, although idealizing their situation is not a question here: they are often forced into prostitution and sexual abuse. But India tried to find a solution in 2014. Since then, transgender people have legally had a 3rd gender.

India is ahead of western countries in some ways including advertising! 2 years ago, Bhima, the most popular Indian jeweler, also exposed itself with an ad that was more aggressive than Starbucks!

We see a young man transform into a woman with the help of his family, from father to mother and grandparents, who give him jewelry as a token of love. Clearly, in the Indian context, Starbucks is almost embarrassing!

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