Internet users shocked by Chat GPT app

A “Special Envoy” report on artificial intelligence shocked netizens. France 2 screenshot

A new episode of “Special Envoy” aired on France 2 this Thursday, April 27. Élise Lucet’s groups have recently discussed a topic that has caused a lot of controversy. “Chat GPD” is at the center of controversy. Also, some applications of artificial intelligence have shocked internet users.

This Thursday, April 27, a new episode of “Special Envoy” aired on France 2. Élise Lucet was in charge of this project, which focused on the world of work. The first part brought to light a shocking discovery. Traditional trades face labor shortages and employers can no longer recruit. Some prefer to pursue temporary jobs or start their own business to gain more independence. And if this statement has caused a strong reaction on the Internet, it is the second part that has particularly vexed net surfers. “Should we fear artificial intelligence?” The theme of this series was… and one thing is for sure, that question split spirits.

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In “Special Ambassador”, France 2 teams were interested in “Chat GPT”, which sparked a lively controversy on the blue bird social network. To kick off the report, viewers discover underwear brand Undiz’s new national campaign. It was done using artificial intelligence. Everything that can be seen in this picture is “false”. There is no bathing suit in the poster. It is the first brand to use this technique. A technical feat, it was not unanimous. It is intended to reduce the number of workers. Yes, the brand doesn’t need to hire a model or a photographer to achieve this image. Additionally, the marketing director explained, he used AI to prepare product sheets instead of an employee. Thanks to this help, I can write 120 preparation papers in a day, which is 80 in normal times.

“Doesn’t she realize she’s firing herself?”

For Internet users, this technology is “fascinating”, but above all “painful”. Some fear the future, especially if companies begin to replace “human” with “AI.” Also, seeing this statement from the “Special Envoy”, some Twitter subscribers thought they were in the middle of a “Black Mirror” episode… They wanted to remember that fiction had finally caught up to reality. Unanimously, Twitterers expressed their fears and they are far from being adopters of this technology.

“Where are you going to argue with an AI taking the place of a dead person?”

If artificial intelligence has the potential to replace many jobs, it goes even further. This AI will allow users to talk to the “dead”. Anyway, that’s the promise of this new technology. In this statement, viewers are left speechless as they discover Tyrone, an American who has found a partner to mourn. He talks to this AI every day, as if it were his mother. He also calls her “mother” in his exchanges with the artificial intelligence. And one thing is for sure, this choice upset his family, but above all, it shocked netizens. For them, this world will become completely “crazy”.

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